About myself

Teija Storbacka running in forrest

My name is Teija Storbacka and I grew up in Finland. I am 35 years old, Dipl. Physical Education Instructor, Dipl. Personal Trainer (FAF) and Certified Personal Trainer & Nutrition Coach. I have experience working in the fields of sport and health since 14 years and 12 years as Personal Trainer.


Sport has always been one of the most important things in my life. I had a professional career in Finnish Baseball and did my sport studies in Finland (Sport Institute Kuortane and Sport Institute of Finland, Vierumäki). It was always obvious for me that I wanted to work with sports.


One of the best things in my job is that I can help people to have healthier lives and get them excited about exercising and fitness training and doing workouts.


I really see that it makes people feel good and happy, both mentally and physically. I can as well see the results of my work, it’s rewarding and wonderful feeling when I have success with my clients. I can honestly say, that I love what I´m doing and my hobby and passion became my profession.

My professional experience as Personal Trainer

Teija Storbacka training with a kettlebell outdoors

I have already been working since 12 years as Personal Training Coach, Health & Fitness Instructor at several gyms and fitness groups:

  • International Les Mills Bodypump
  • Les Mills Bodystep
  • Les Mills Bodyattack
  • Aerobic, Stretching, Core-training
  • Swimming Teacher
  • Aqua Gymnastic
  • Spinning Instructor 
  • Fitness Pilates Trainer
  • Power Plate and IQ FIT Instructor
  • Nordic Walking and Jogging
  • Kettlebell, Gymstick

I provide high quality Online Personal Training and Nutrition Coaching to my clients worldwide with heart, experience and joy.

Pictures of me doing outdoor fitness training & body workouts