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I can’t believe, that it is already middle of February 2017. The last year was really a very exciting one for me, but also more busy than usually. 


In summer 2015, I felt that in order to best support my clients, I had to educate myself further. I decided to study Nutrition Coaching and become a specialist in Sports & Fitness Nutrition Coaching.  


I already had my basic nutrition education and my 12 years experience of Personal Training but somehow felt, that I had to update my nutrition knowledge. I decided to kick my butt and study the following year hard besides my work.  

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5 Effective ways to fight winter fatigue

It wasn’t that long time ago, when even I was tired of heat and never ending summer in Vienna. Me, the biggest summer lover.

This year I was even excited about Autumn and I decided first time of my life, I’m not going to complain when the winter arrives. Funnily, it is only mid-December and I regret everything I said.

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Confused of different kinds of protein powders?

I have been using protein powders for years. I have noticed that my recovery is better (less sore muscles!) when I take a shake example after tough strength trainings. Sometimes I add little bit extra protein powder to my breakfast smoothie, because I noticed adding little bit protein to my smoothie, keeps the hunger away longer time.

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I´m from Finland, where is your food coming from?

My 5 simple tips helping you out to improve your grocery shopping.

Tip 1. Prefer organic and fresh food:

If possible, choose organic products and choose food grown as close to your home as possible. Food that travels from other side of the world, can’t be that fresh anymore when entering to our supermarket shelves.

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Supermarket is the new pharmacy

I was talking with my friend and going on and on about healthy nutrition and I think she hit the point when she said “Supermarket is the new pharmacy. “ She couldn’t be more right.

Choices we make in supermarket has huge impact to our health and well being.

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Stress Management

You hear the words STRESS, HECTIC and BUSY so often these days. These words became part of our daily life, so there was need to start using words like downshifting, YOLO (you only live once), etc. 

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Stuck with same workout routines?

Do you feel sometimes that you are doing your workouts just because you have to?

You don’t really enjoy it or have fun, you just do it because you know it’s good for you?    

Did you somehow lose joy and motivation?

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Suffering Spring Fatigue?

I have rarely heard the rest of the world talking so much about spring fatigue as they always talk about it in Finland. When I mentioned it to my Austrian boyfriend, his first reaction was laughing, and following questions - Are you serious?

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Strength training - Best anti-aging medicine!

Am I too old to start weight training? Is weight training really necessary for me? What does it really do for me?

I often hear those questions and it makes me wonder why there is so little information about positive effects of strength training.

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