My Story behind Online Personal Training & Nutrition Coaching

It all started when my first long-term Personal Training client was moving away. We were both trying to figure out, if there would be a way to continue our fitness trainings and personal coaching, even though she was living now in a different country.


We were both sad, because we have been working many years together. For me it´s really important to get to know my clients well and it´s always a pity when the collaboration ends.


However, I always try to think my clients best and thus I tried to encourage my client, that hiring a new local Personal Trainer may be a good idea.


So she moved away, hired a new local trainer and after a few weeks I got a call from her asking if "we can try doing training sessions via Skype or FaceTime? And you could just send me exercise programs, training plans and workout videos online. I did join the gym, it is nice and everything, but I just don't feel like starting everything again from the beginning with my new trainer."


By now, I'm doing Online Personal Training and Nutrition Coaching with many clients all over the world and regular Personal Training classes in Vienna.

Woman and man running on Brooklyn bridge

Sometimes life is just busy and hectic. Therefore, I use Online Training Video Classes if my clients schedules are just too busy.


Instead of using time to go somewhere, we fix a video class appointment, we exercise one hour together and my client is full of energy again to continue working.


There is no excuse to skip your fitness training and workouts anymore. Many of my clients even have an exercise mat and kettlebells in their office.


In addition, if you have small children or babies and something unexpected is happening, like your child is sick or your babysitter is cancelling, you might be stuck at home.


No reason to skip your training as we can train everywhere!


It is great for my clients who are travelling a lot as well. Think about just how unmotivating it is to train alone in a hotel room or hotel gym.


Well, it's often really tough to motivate yourself after a long day, if your training is not scheduled.


This is one of the reasons why my Online Personal Training really works. 


You simply check your weekly training schedule from your Personal Training App - Trainerize. It´s easy!


You just login to Trainerize or download the App to your iPad, iPhone or any other cell phone and I customize the home exercises, training programs, fitness plans and workouts to your individual needs.

It´s simple! No more guilty feelings, no more skipping your trainings & workouts!