How I can help you

Teija Storbacka running in sunny forrest

Over the past years, I wanted to learn more and more about nutrition. I already had my basic education about nutrition but felt, that in order to help my clients more, I need to learn and study more intensively.  


I decided to study and achieve the Nutrition Coach Certificate and specialized for sport and fitness nutrition.


I have been working in field of sport and health already 12 years. Over the last years and supported by my work experience and my latest studies, I created an easy way to check your nutrition and start your healthy rest of your life nutrition. Actually it is not a diet but a healthy lifestyle that you are actually able to follow.


I realized that everything what starts "on monday" doesn't usually last very long. Also all the "special diets" or "special programs" don't usual change nutrition habits and lifestyle for good. The fact is that there is no simple magic.


You should start by taking one step after another.


If your nutrition is chaotic at the moment, don't try changing it to a perfect one over night. Maybe at first change your pizza base to wholegrain and add some veggies. 


Step by step you will achieve permanent changes. Healthy nutrition doesn't mean to starve and feel bad for the rest of your life. 


Change your lifestyle slowly but forever. It is all about finding a good balance. Get enough quality sleep. Go for a walk, work in your garden or do sport that you like. Try to find balance in your everyday life.