We all know how important water is to us but why is it so important to drink water? Why does our bodies need water? Water does not provide energy, but it is so important to our body because other essential  nutrients can be used by our body only because of their reaction with water. 


Water constitutes most of the body weight and has many functions in human metabolism. One of the most important is regulation of body temperature. This is particularly important for the sporty individuals!


Meaning, when the body loses fluids by any route, it loses not only water but electrolytes as well (sodium, chloride, and potassium - these are involved in many physiological functions, example muscle contraction).


So remember that proper fluid replacement is important for both health and sport.

How much water is enough water?

Water intake is very individual. For example I am very active, but on the other hand very small and light person, so I drink around 1,5-3 l water per day depending how much sport I do. During summer time I also drink more water when the temperature is getting higher.


Your exact water intake depends on your weight and activity level and like said also temperature. Every day minimum should be around 1,5-2L and for males even more, big machine needs more liquid. Also check that you really drink pure water. 


Coffee, Cola, beer and energy drinks are liquids but not water!


As a tip, I always have a water bottle in my bag, also in my purse (0,2l) and I always check that my water is fresh and I only prefer glass bottles or bottles which are free from BPA.