Principles that I use for Online Nutrition Coaching

What is a wholesome diet?

Does your diet include fresh vegetables, fruits, proteins, nuts, seeds and whole grains?


Are you eating as close to nature as possible while avoiding processed foods, additives, and hydrogenated and saturated fats?


Are you feeling rather confused and lost by all the conflicting nutrition and diet advices out there? 


Sometimes it might seem like every expert who tells you certain foods are good for you, you’ll find that next day another expert is saying exactly the opposite, but actually in the end it is pretty simple.


The idea of a healthy diet is about getting the highest levels of essential nutrients needed for excellent health, including vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, essential fatty acids and fiber for the least amount of calories possible.

Different fresh vegetables to use for a healthy nutrition

Getting there with Online Nutrition Coaching

I hope this is helping you to get the right idea of a healthy diet.


I would like to remind as well that we are all individuals, meaning one thing can be fine with one person, but same thing can lead to problems with the other one.


Some of us can't handle milk products well, some of us are sensitive to gluten or might have food sensitives and allergies. 


It could also be that you are eating some food ingredients and are not noticing that it's not really good for you, until you leave it away and will notice the difference.


There can be many reasons why you are not feeling good and healthy or are not happy about your body. Reasons like stress, hormonal unbalance, emotional distress, medication or you haven't had just enough knowledge and information to make it right yet.


We all have our story and reasons, but if you follow these main principles, learning to eat clean, healthy food and giving your body what it needs, you will for sure take big steps into the right direction.