About myself as Online Nutrition Coach

Teija Storbacka eating healthy lunch

I have seen lots of diets and trends coming and going.


I have seen many people struggling with their health, weight and body image.


Sometimes all these things are connected and this happened to me as well. I have been going through it myself. 


Sport was always big part of my life. When I was younger, it was my passion and later it became my profession.


Unfortunately I had also many sport injuries and also problems with my health.


Because of my health problems, I soon realized how important balanced nutrition is.


When I was younger, food was just the energy source to do sports, later it became my enemy, but over the years, my focus totally changed.


As self-employed my focus was to be and stay healthy and fit, so I started to change my own nutrition for better version and get to know my body better. Be what I teach. Stand behind my own words. Health became more important than being superficial.


I would lie, if I say that I don't like to look good, as we live at the moment in a superficial world. However, I realize this is all coming by how I feel inside and a big part of that is my nutrition.


If I eat healthy, I just feel better. It is all about balance. Not only nutrition. Also sleeping, resting, doing my sport, being flexible, being kind to myself, being happy, finding the middle way and peace with myself.  


Let's take care of ourselves!