Online Nutrition Coaching - getting in great shape!

If your goal is to get a toned body, optimizing your nutrition in conjunction with a clever exercise program, is very important.


Many people mix up weight loss and body toning. What actually happens when your body gets toned?


When we get more toned, our fat percent decreases and our muscle mass increases.


If you already have a normal BMI (body mass index), it is not necessary for you to lose weight.


Normal scales don't show you in detail all the hard work you are putting in. It might be more interesting to follow your success with body composition scales or just in the mirror. 


With a Nutrition Plan and the right amount of exercise, you will slowly start to notice many positive changes in your appearance! 


Let´s optimize your nutrition now and get a toned body. 

Body Toning Online Nutrition Coaching Package includes the following elements:

  • My assessment of your current diet
  • Clear suggestions of how to improve your diet
  • Nutrition Plan (1 example day of your new daily nutrition)
  • Support, Tips & Motivation
  • Email contact and support direct with me

Price for Online Nutrition Coaching Body Toning Package is 79 USD one time (about 75 EUR / 65 GBP).

Don't waste anymore time, start your lifestyle-change now!

Blonde girl standing and looking down at her trained abs