Personal Training after pregnancy

The last 9 months your body has been going through huge changes.


Depending on your pregnancy, you maybe had a longer break from sports and would like to get started again. You need to start to build your core and pelvic floor muscles slowly.


Often it's challenging to do it alone after pregnancy, your body might feel strange and you are not sure what and how to start.


It's important to start to train again, slowly and surely - listen to your body.


Right after giving birth you should avoid hard-core sport like lots of jumping and running, as it might cause too much pressure to your pelvic floor.


Your ligaments are also looser, so maybe heavy weight training, aerobics and fast ball games are not the best idea. In addition, spinning is not the best option, if you had tears during giving birth and swimming can cause higher risk to get an infection.


In this package, we are concentrating how to activate and strengthen your core muscles.

We set up a training program for you that you are able to do at home anytime you like.


You will learn how to train correctly, strengthen the important deep core muscles and get control again over your pelvis muscles. 


Before we start, you should do the last check-up at your doctor (usually 6-8 weeks after giving birth). If you had an caesarean section, you have to wait a little bit more, around 3 months and you should be able to train your core muscles again.


Getting started After Pregnancy Package:

  • Fitness Check-up
  • 5 Personal Training Classes (each 60min.)
  • Individual Training Programs

Price for Personal Training After Pregnancy Package is 390 EUR (only available in Vienna).