Personal Training Double

You don’t wan't to train alone? You prefer to train with your friend or family member? Not having enough time with your partner or you both would like to get in shape?


No problem! Double Personal Training is a great way to do it!


You can sweat and spend time together plus it makes sense as well money wise - you can share the costs. Twin class is little bit cheaper option for you but you still train effectively all the way through 60 min. 

  • Strength training (weights, bodyweight, kettlebell, gymstick,...)
  • Core training (Pilates, gymball, body weight, foam roll,... ) 
  • Interval training (circuit training, running, HIIT, indoor mix,...) 
  • Cardio / Endurance training (running, skating, Nordic walking,...)  
  • Stretching / Improvement of flexibility  
  • Outdoor training (cross training, kettlebell, medicinball, circuit training, running,...)

Price for 1 x 60 min. Personal Training Double Class is 45 EUR per person (only available in Vienna).