Personal Training 3 Months Fitness Package

This is a great way to start your healthy lifestyle. For the rest of your life.


This 12 weeks Personal Training Package gives you the guideline how to train and eat correctly, including 12 Personal Training sessions (each 60 min.), fitness check-up, nutrition check-up and all the necessary training plans. 

  • Together we will set a goal and make a plan how to reach it 
  • You will receive a weekly workout plan and an individual training program
  • We check your schedule and plan the timetable for your weekly trainings
  • There won't be anymore any excuses to skip your trainings
  • We will meet once in a week and check that you are on right track 
  • You will learn the right techniques and how to do things correctly
  • We do as well nutrition check-up, you will learn how to eat right and how to eat a healthy and balanced diet that you are able to follow the rest of your life 

In the beginning and end of the 3 months period, we do a fitness check-up. You will see your progress and this will be your motivation to continue your healthy lifestyle.


3 Months Personal Training Package includes: 

  • 12 Personal Training classes (each 60 min.) 
  • Fitness Check-ups
  • Nutrition Check-up
  • Nutrition Plan
  • Weekly training plans 
  • Individual exercise plans

Price for Personal Training 3 Months Fitness Package is 890 EUR (only available in Vienna).