Personal Training Group

Are you a group of friends, neighbours or maybe retirees? You are searching especially for you tailored workout?


How nice it would be, when you could choose your favorite people and exercise and have fun together regularly?


Well it’s all possible and pretty easy! And the best thing is, you can choose the location as well, we can do it even at your backyard.


If you are a  group of people and you want to train together, this is a perfect option for you to get in shape! 

  • Strength training (weights, bodyweight, kettlebell, gymstick,...)
  • Core training (Pilates, gymball, body weight, foam roll,...) 
  • Interval training (circuit training, running, HIIT, indoor mix,...) 
  • Cardio / Endurance training (running, hiking, Nordic walking, aqua gymnastic)  
  • Stretching / Improvement of flexibility  
  • Outdoor training (cross training, kettlebell training, medicinball training, circuit training, running groups )  

Price for 1 x 60 min. Personal Training Group Class is 40 EUR per person (only available in Vienna).