Personal Training Single

Single Personal Training is a great way to start the training. It may be as well a good option, if you are having some health issues, special needs or if you are just considering to start to get in shape again.


It’s exactly what a Personal Training is, individual training. We only concentrate on your needs and goals without any disturbance. 

  • Strength training (weights, bodyweight, kettlebell, gymstick,...)
  • Core training (Pilates, gymball, body weight, foam roll, ... ) 
  • Interval training (circuit training, running, HIIT, indoor mix, badminton, squash, etc.) 
  • Cardio / Endurance training (running, cycling, skating, Nordic walking, swimming, ...)  
  • Stretching / Improvement of flexibility  
  • Outdoor training (cross training, kettlebell training, medicinball training, circuit training, running, ...) 
  • Rehabilitation training

Price for 1 x 60 min. Personal Training Single Class is 75 EUR (only available in Vienna).