My Story behind Online Personal Training

Over the last 12 years, some of my long-term clients decided to move away from Vienna.


Many of them are international people who lived in Vienna mainly for work reasons and wanted to go back to their home country and families. Others followed a job opportunity or their partners and other dreams.


Happily, they still wanted to continue training with me and so did I!


We tried to figure out how we could continue our regular Personal Training sessions. 


At first, I thought that it is maybe difficult to do Online Training sessions via video classes (using Skype or FaceTime) but we just tried it. In the end, nothing really changed.


I could keep my clients and they could keep me as their Personal Trainer.


Since then, having trainings with many clients living abroad, I noticed that I had to come up with something new to offer extensive services.


I wanted to have a tool for closer connection with my clients. A tool that allows me to set up exercise programs, workout or nutrition plans and enables me to motivate my clients and follow their progress. 


After a long search, I finally found what I was looking for. A Personal Training Software called Trainerize.


Now, I'm using Trainerize on a daily basis to make my trainings and coaching even more comprehensive.


This way, I can easier follow my clients progress, set up weekly exercise programs and workout plans. 

And the best thing in Online Personal Training is that it really works!